1989-1994 studies of Art at the University of Arts Berlin
1986-1991director of the theater group Theater Artaud / Berlin
1991 guest study at the school of art Glasgow
1992 quali ed graduation the university of arts, Berlin
1992-93 NaFöG-scholarship and DAAD-scholarship in Japan
1994/95 basic studies of philosophy in Tübingen/Germany
1996/97 studies of philosophy at FU Berlin
1999-2011 studio in Berlin/Germany
2012-2015 studio in Islamabad/Pakistan
since 2016 studio in Berlin/Germany

Exhibitions in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Bochum (Germany), Glasgow, Edinburgh (Scottland), Schwerin (Poland), New York (USA), Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi (Pakistan), Mian Yang (China )

2017 “Fliegende Holländer” Deutsche Oper/Tischelerei Berlin
2015 “Blue Burka” K-Salon Berlin
2009 „want my soul“ K-Salon Berlin
2004 “Pflege aller Rassen“ Theaterdiscounter/Berlin
2001 Performancelehrgang bei Jan Fabre
1994 “Kalkwerk” nach Th. Bernhard – Uni Karlsruhe
1990 „Geld“ school of art/Glasgow Schottland

2008 „Beziehungsweise“ Schinken&Klötze Berlin
2007 „Müllcode“ Ateliehaus Hagelbergerstrasse/Berlin
2007 „Mercedes“ Cafe Sybille/Berlin
2006 „Der Andere des Anderen“ Theaterkapelle/Berlin
2006 “Frauen.Krieg.Terror” Aktionscafe Berlin
2005 „Frauen.Krieg.Lustspiel“ Orphtheater/Berlin
2001 “Treibhaus” nach W. Koeppen – Residenztheater München
1992 “Kain. Ein Mysterienspiel”
1989 “Am Ende keine Macht” SO 36 Berlin
1988 “Cenci” Katakomben Berlin
1987 “Samurai” RAMM Theater Berlin
1986 “Petrella” und “Van Gogh” Ufa-Gelände Berlin

17 K-Salon/Berlin
16 K-Salon/Berlin
15 Nomad Gallery / Islambad,Pakistan
14 Nomad Gallery / Islambad,Pakistan
14 Heritage Galllery / Islamabad,Pakistan
13 O´Reilly l Islamabad/Pakistan
13 K-Salon l Berlin
12 Ahonggong art space l Mianyang/China
12 Friedrichstrasse200 l Berlin/Germany
12 Galerie Rohling l Berlin/Germany
12 V.M. art Gallery l Karachi/Pakistan
12 ROTHAS gallery l Lahore/Pakistan
12 Nomad gallery l Islamabad/Pakistan
12 K-Salon l Berlin/Germany
11 Leistungsshow Hamburger Kunsthalle l Berlin/Germany
10 Forgotten Bar l Berlin/Germany
10 Kunstraum Bethanien l Berlin/Germany
09 Galerie Klötze und Schinken l K-Salon l Berlin/Germany
08 Galerieraum Kunstzeit l Mannheim/Germany
07/08 Galerie Klötze u. Schinken l Berlin/Germany
06 Aktionsbank Berlin
05 Galerie Kruse/Hamburg
04 Galerie Kruse l Hamburg/Germany
02 Schauspiel Bochum/Germany
01 Galerie Kruse Hamburg/Germany

Susanne Husemann
mobil +49 – (0)-15735309435

A crime of love and passion. Susanne Husemann isn‘t grasping for the secret of the painter and his women, whatever it may be. She reveals the movement, the gesture, the discourse decided within these 17th century Dutch interiors. The conduct of the lacemaker, the magic of a seated figure, and she shows only the sitting, the imperious silhouet- tes, the delineations of a being, not the person. The eroticism of the vanishing, the grasping of the detail. She paints, once again on Billy cardboard, the candlestick of the Art of Painting, the allegory of the allegory. If it exists, even if only in Utopia, in Susanne Husemann‘s studies a violent love is experienced that is non-destructive.
Rüdiger Schaper, Berlin/Germany


“Susanne’s sensitive and hard-hitting collection probes beneath the surface and creates her own, powerful visual perspectives on life in this volatile, and culturally and historically rich region — where she has now live for quite some years,”
Nageen Hyat, Norman gallery Islamabad


Her style of painting could be classified as near abstract. Even though bordering on abstraction, the faces she sketches, despite being a wee bit foggy, display profound emotions and feelings. They mirror the sensitive, profound, and poignant nature of the artist, how she reads deep into human emotions, into the human soul.
Anil Datta, The News, Karachi 2012